Roll Off & Compactor Services

ecotech provides specialized waste collection, transportation and disposal services, including recycling and special waste disposal, to customers in a wide range of industries. From factories, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers, ecotech can provide the equipment and service that helps you minimize your waste disposal expense. ecotech saves you money by helping you become more efficient. Our goal is to reduce the amount of solid waste you generate by redirecting waste materials that can be beneficially reused as recycle materials.

ecotech can provide the rolloff and industrial equipment for a variety of jobs, including:

ecotech has extensive knowledge and experience providing industrial solutions and specific equipment for your needs. Our site-specific waste stream analysis provides you with a cost effective and labor savings solution. ecotech can provide your facility or situation with a variety of equipment to meet all of your disposal needs, including:

  • Balers for recycling
  • Compaction equipment
  • Liquid solidification
  • Open tops for bulky waste streams, construction, demolition, and home projects
  • Pre-crushers/compactors
  • Sludge boxes for wet waste
  • Customized solutions for specific needs

ecotech's skilled professionals can assist you in reducing your cost by:

  • Right sizing of your equipment
  • Developing potential recycling programs
  • Implementing waste reviews, audits, waste characterizations to determine proper handling and disposal.

Please contact our sales team today to set up your waste stream analysis or to discuss your container needs.