ecotech offers reliable, cost efficient front-load and rear-load trash and recycling services with containers ranging from 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards. Our experienced team of industry experts will work with you to determine and develop the appropriate waste management program to meet your service requirements. Our analysis will determine the size of the container that best fits your needs, and a collection schedule that will maximize your waste collection savings. Let us help you manage your waste effectively and efficiently. Please contact our sales team to schedule your waste analysis and discuss your waste service needs.

To better determine your company's needs for waste removal...

ecotech prepares a thorough 8-step evaluation before recommending any long-term program. This process not only matches your needs to a particular service, but also provides an accurate cost and identification of resources.

The 8-Step Evaluation covers:

  1. A profile of your company and its operations
  2. Number of employees/shifts
  3. Method currently used to handle what is discarded and/or recycled
  4. Equipment utilized in the current process of waste collection and disposal
  5. The usage levels of containers currently on site
  6. An analysis of opportunities for recycling
  7. Compilation of information
  8. Recommended solution


ecotech offers a range of container sizes that will meet any customer needs. The chart shown here provides the normal size dimensions of 2 cubic yard through 8 cubic yard containers. All of our containers come equipped with custom-fitted lids. We often find that for many customers, security is a priority and we can fit the containers with locks to prevent unauthorized access.


Holiday Schedule

For your convenience we have posted our holiday schedule on our website. To find out if your day of service is affected by a holiday, please view the 2018 Schedule.


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